News | 02 June 2021


Your career at Svitzer is exactly that, your career. As our team spans across the globe, we want to highlight the many different pathways in which a career at Svitzer can take.

There is no set program or journey, it’s a mix of opportunities and choice, and can be defined by you, your ambition and dedication. Your leader is there to guide the way, support your goals and if you look for the opportunities, there is no telling where your career will take you.

We reached out to various colleagues from Americas, Europe, Australia and AMEA, and each person took the time to talk about their very different experiences.

Meet Josina Meier

Commercial & Business Development Analyst, Svitzer Europe

Two years ago, Josina Meier started her career with Svitzer as a Student Assistant in the Europe Commercial team while she was studying her master’s degree in International Strategic Management. Today, with her continuous drive and open mind towards new challenges, Josina now works full-time as the Commercial & Business Development Analyst in Svitzer Europe.

“At this early stage of my career, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills and gain professional experience within my field of interest.”

Josina is originally from Germany, so the student position at Svitzer’s European headquarters in Copenhagen not only gave her an opportunity to pursue her master’s degree abroad but also allowed her to work in an international environment – something she had always dreamt of.

During her time with Svitzer, Josina’s job opportunities have emerged quite naturally. After completing her master’s and finishing her role as student assistant, an opportunity arose for Josina to gain some experience in the finance department by taking over a role within Financial Planning & Analysis on an intermediary basis.

“Naturally as a young professional, I haven’t had too many different roles within Svitzer but being part of the finance team has definitely been a great experience which I enjoyed a lot and enabled me to look at the business from a different perspective. In my current role, I benefit daily from the knowledge gained during that time.”

Career growth is vital for Josina, as she is eager to continuously learn and develop her skills, part of which also involves taking on new challenges and responsibilities in the future.

“The atmosphere in the Europe Commercial team is very engaging in general and from the very first day I got the feeling that my managers put the necessary trust in me to pursue projects that I think are valuable. That and the variety of tasks and projects that I get to work on keeps me engaged on a daily basis.”