News | 19 October 2021


JOIN THE WEBINAR 4th NOVEMBER: Going below the waterline in an era of tougher environmental compliance and ESG standards 

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When: Thursday, 4th November, 2:00 PM (GMT +01:00) Copenhagen

70 per cent of the total resistance to a vessel’s movement comes from friction between the water and the hull.
And yet - in an era where shipping faces a race to simultaneously decarbonise and digitalise and where owners are challenged to achieve environmental compliance and meet new ESG demands from cargo owners and financiers, most of the hull is rarely seen and is often an overlooked strategic consideration. 
So, what lies beneath? As the use of data from sensors on vessels becomes more prevalent and advanced, often enabling real time decisions from shore on how the engine is optimised or for weather routing, there is a raft of corresponding information from below the waterline that is missing. The hull to some degree has been abandoned and arguably, emissions, fuel consumption, and cost levels left to rise unabated. While this is not true unilaterally, there is still much work to be done to ensure that one of the key levers of change for shipping remains, on the whole, firmly in focus.
With the implementation of EEXI and CII, as well as non-regulatory efficiency drivers becoming increasingly influential, this panel will ask:

- Has the significance of good hull husbandry to efficient vessel operations been lost as new, exciting, innovative clean technologies emerge?

- Does the industry focus too much on engine efficiency versus hull efficiency?

- Do ship owners and operators really know the true efficiency of their vessels and fleets?

- How can the shipping industry better understand what is happening under the waterline and access that standardised insight?

- How important is hull maintenance to meeting tougher environmental regulations, navigating new ESG standards and cutting fuel costs?

Learn from panellists including:

Gareth Prowse, Head of Decarbonisation, Svitzer

Henrik Sanglen, CEO, Svitzer Hull Performance Services

Garry Noonan, Head of Transition Technologies, Ardmore Shipping

More speakers announced soon